Materials and USD Compliance with 2023.1

Hey Everyone,

An important update to USD has caused some specific ways of binding materials to no longer be valid. You may run into issues where your materials worked in older versions, but perhaps are not correctly displaying in 2023.1. Specifically showing grey or using their display color.

To fix this issue, please use the asset validator. You can find more information about it here: Omniverse MDL Materials — Omniverse Materials and Rendering documentation


2023.1 before validation

We highly suggest running the validator on older assets as a great way to keep them clean and as up-to-date with the USD spec. In this first release, we leaned towards a manual validation and letting our users decided when it was applicable to validate their content. We’ll be adding an automated process in future releases that can be selected as well.

Let us know if you have any issues!


There’s something about the shadows in that upper picture that makes it look extremely photorealistic

The Asset Validator fails to update the material binding on every scene I try to run it on. It fails on every instance with this error:
Screenshot 2023-07-21 131748
Which is not even present in the scene I am attempting to correct. What’s more, when I navigate to that path, the asset is available.

I have created a thread dedicated to this issue. Please provide some insight.