Fail to validate Material and Asset Location

Hi. This is my first post. As a new member, I may not be familiar with all the rules and etiquette of this community, so I apologize in advance if I make any mistakes.

In connectors, there is always an error in the process of setting up the material mapping.

In the setting of material and asset location, if I click “validate” or “save” , unrecovarable error occur. I am having trouble with this field, as it appears that it must be filled in.

my environment
OS: windows11
revit version: 2022, 2023
revit connector version: 201.0.02318

Is this a known error? Is there any solution to this problem? We would appreciate it if you could enlighten us.

image (3)

Please let me know if any information is missing to help me resolve the error. I’m willing to provide additional information. Thank you.

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