Memory loss when flash L4T 35.1


I found that when I flash the 35.1 BSP into Xavier NX(8GB), the memory is only 6.7GiB

but when I flash 32.7.3 BSP into same Xavier NX, the memory is 7.6GiB,
see below picture:

could you please have a look why this happen and how to solve it? thanks,

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It looks to be necessary for K5.10 and Ubuntu 20.04. Not sure if you need Ubuntu desktop in your use-case. If it is not a must-have, please try to generate minimum rootfs and see it it meets your requirement. Please take a look at
Root File System — Jetson Linux<br/>Developer Guide 34.1 documentation

thanks, DaneLLL,

for now, the memory resource is ok to me, just curious about this

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