Meta data, user text, string attribute -- Create <--> Rhino

I just wanted to ask if what I’m finding is correct. Further, if anyone has info and how to do what I’m trying to do, please advise.

I was hoping to find that if I created a simple attribute on a mesh, of type string, in Create, it might show up as a User Text attribute in Rhino. And possibly the other way around too.

Unfortunately, my simple tests show that doesn’t work. There’s no mention of this in the documentation, nor the known limitations. Hence, the question here.

Context: I was hoping that I could at least preserve and pass simple strings on 3d objects. That way I could store and manipulate JSON data; and pass it between connected apps and such.

To be clear, the JSON thing was going to be a bit of a lowest-common-denominator approach to cross-app meta-data. A more robust solution would be nice. But I don’t expect such a robust solution so early.

Hello @brad_f! Let me reach out to the development team to assist you with this!

Hi @brad_f At this point we do not pass text to the .usd file from Rhino, or read back attributes when opening .usd files in Rhino. We will add this to the wish list.

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