MIPI Lane swap?

Hi Guys,

I have a quick hardware question.

On my custom board I have the following 4 MIPI CSI lines:

CSI1_D0-/+ <-- I accidentally swapped + & - on CSI1_D0 towards my camera

My camera (IMX185) works fine in 2 lane configuration (this is what I have tried so far) using CSI0 but I would like to use 4 lane mode.

Is it possible to SWAP the D+/- PHY in firmware somehow?

Why does the +/- even matter if it’s supposed to be a truly differential bus then surely it wouldn’t matter?


Hi, LP mode is not same as HS mode on usage of +/- data, you can check the D-PHY specification for detail.

Hi Trumany,

I read the D-PHY section of the reference manual but I’m not quite following what you mean.
From what I can see the D-PHY section is all about calibration?

Are you saying there is a way to get it to work even though I swapped + and - pins?

Best regards

I mean MIPI D-PHY specification not the section in NV’s doc. No such way to make it work with swapped +/- pins.