MOD_SHUTDOWN_N (L2) pin schematic seems to be wrong

Hi Nvidia Team,

I was planning to use the L52 Pin as an over temp signal that leads to an off controller that manages system power.

While checking the Orin Devkit, I notice that in the schematics the MOD_SHUTDOWN_N is specified as an output signal, however, in the pinmux it’s configured as input.

Is this an error?

If not, how can I remove the shut down function from GPIO pin so I can use it as an output GPIO (already changed the direction and Initial state in the pinmux).

I followed this thread, however I cant find any gpio-key assigned to the MOD_SHUTDOWN_N.


I noticed this too and the behavior of this pin is strange. I am using it for the power sequencing of the module.
It behaves like it has value series resistor somewhere inside.
Nvidia will have to confirm but I assume this is connected directly to a SOC GPIO and then through a 10K or so series resistor to the PMIC.
I had a 10K pullup to 3v3 on my board, and it would only pull down to ~1.9V, so I removed it and now I get a low level when the module shuts down.

It is an output from module to carrier. There is a 10k to 1v8 pull-up on it.

Hi Trumany,

Thanks for the response, however, I still cant understand why it’s configured as input in the pinmux if it’s output (as you said).


What pinmux sheet set is the pin direction of Tegra chip pin, not the module pin. Module pin L52 is an output to carrier, and inside module it is an input to Tegra pin from other source.

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