More DLI issues

Hi dusty!

I am having problems with this again.

This is my run command:
docker run --runtime nvidia -it --rm -- network host \ --volume /home/nvidia/dli/data:nvdli-nano/data \ --device /dev/video0 \

This seems like it should be working. I generated a new API key and I am unable to login using docker login

Is this related to the Deep Learning Institute DLI, i.e. Deep Learning Institute and Training Solutions | NVIDIA ?

I would recommend reaching out their support channels. I don’t think this forum is the right place for your issue.


I do not agree with that. What support channels am I supposed to reach out to? I do not know of any support channel for DLI stuff. My last question about this was answered by dusty_nv in this forum.

This topic was posted to the CUDA-MEMCHECK forum.

I see the other posts you made are in Jetson Nano and AGX Xavier forums. Perhaps they were originally submitted to CUDA-MEMCHECK, and subsequently moved to one of those forum topics to make sure the right people answer them. It looks like dusty_nv answered your post on the Jetson Nano Forum:

OK. Where am I supposed to get help with this new issue? I am happy to go to a more appropriate place to ask about this.

If you think dusty_nv could help, I would recommend the same forum where he helped in the past Jetson Nano - NVIDIA Developer Forums If that’s not right, people there may have a better idea of where to go. This forum for the CUDA-MEMCHECK developer tool likely won’t have the right audience.

I thought that is where I was. Sorry.