More information regarding DriveNetNCameras Sample

I have drivenet, lanenet and freespace detection samples integrated as a single executable.

I have 2 cameras (which are installed in opposite direction, so there is no common area covered by both cameras) , on which I want to run this executable. My questions are:

  1. Is running 2 instances of executable a good approach ? Are there any hardware limitations ?

  2. I found code for drivenet for n cameras. Is it possible to run lanenet and freespace detection with n cameras within a single process ?

  3. I also found multigpu code for drivenet. Is it possible to run different instances of same executables on different gpu ?

I would like to know the best possible way to run drivenet, lanenet and freespace detection for n-cameras.

Dear sarveshd,

If have any KPI for your project, could you please check/measure performance(FPS) each network first?
I think main issue will be how to meet the requirement. Thanks.

Hi Steve,

We are working in R&D and we dont have any KPI. We just want everything to work in real-time.
So we just need the best approach to run freespace detection, obstacle detection and lane detection together for multiple cameras.