Mounting holes for Jetson Xavier NX SoM


I am designing a carrier card for Jetson Xavier NX SoM. As I understand, for mechanical support of SoM, I need to provide 2 mounting holes in my carrier card. I am going through P3509 Schematics & layout. In schematics I can see 2 mounting holes shown MEC3A & MEC3B but in the layout I can see 6 additional mounting holes. Can I know what are those mounting holes used for?
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P3509 is devkit carrier. For custom design, please refer to the module data sheet for the mounting holes as below picture showing.

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I have already seen this page in the datasheet. However, I couldn’t find the distance from DIMM connector pin to 2 mounting holes in datasheet. I have also gone through “OEM product design guide” but no mention about mechanical details in that document. For my carrier card design, I should know the exact gap between DIMM connector & mounting holes so that it will be aligned properly with SoM.

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Please refer to the Orin NX STEP model file or PCB layout file in DLC.

OK, thanks. Is there any pdf files available with mechanical details of connector & mounting holes for carrier card design?

No, there is no such file.

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