Xavier Mech Model - Connector Type and Mounting Hole Placement


The Xavier 3D model appears to use the thicker connector (2034560003), but the OEM Product Design Guide (v.20181115) states the module side uses the thinner connector (2048430001) on page 9. I looked at the module we have on the development kit, and it appears to be the thinner connector.

Additionally, the placement of the module (for the purpose of aligning the mounting holes) appears like it may be different when looking at the two connector mating positions on page 9 of the OEM Product Design Guide when looking at the connector side-by-side.

Long story short, we need a reference for the position of the four mounting holes relative to the carrier card connector so we can position our mounting holes on the carrier card appropriately.

Ways we were going to solve it:

  1. We were going to use the model, but that seems to have the wrong connector when compared to the .
  2. We were going to use the carrier card layout files, but the carrier uses the thicker connector. We plan to use the thinner connector (…0001) on our carrier.

Can your team help drive this to closure, please?

Thank you.


Hi, thanks for your finding, there will be new 3D CAD STEP file with thinner connector updated in DLC soon.

Thanks, @Trumany. We’ve downloaded and integrated the new model from 01/24 on the download site.

The last item that remains is how to reference the hole placement to the carrier card connector placement (e.g. pin 1 referenced to the mounting hole placement). Where can we find that information? Would you like me to create a new post for that?


There will be a updated module datasheet for this. Please check when it’s ready in DLC.