Multiple Displays ORIN AGX over DP0 and DP2

for our development on our carrier board we need 2 displays which have to be connected via the displayports.
as i understand it the Orin AGX supports only one physical DP.
But on the Nvidia reference design the ORIN AGX has 2 physical DP ports:

→ HDMI_DP0 [pins H48, H49 G50, G51, J48, J47,K47, K46, F51, F52, K52]
→ HDMI_DP2 [pins D52, D51, B52, B51, A50, A51, C50, C51, G54, G53, K50]

can we connect 2 displays to the 2 ports although some pins of HDMI_DP0 are set as RESERVED in pinmux? or is only HDMI_DP2 available and you need an external MST compatible IC to split the HDMI DP2 signal into 2 separate signals?

thanks a lot

Not sure what reference design you are talking about… Only one physical DP is supported.

There is no 2 physical DP ports either. You may refer to the wrong boards…

Hello Wayne,
please thake a look to Nvidia reference Design:
P3737-A04 Jetson Orin Developer Kit Carrier Board (from official Nvidia download section), Page CVM Connector 3/3 [p 5 of38 ] Column F Row 2 of the Schematic.

Hi @PatNovacasa

That is just a pin naming but has no real function to the display driver.

Orin AGX is trying to match the pin compatibility with Xavier AGX, so you would see some pin name like that.

Thank you for your reply

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