My driver use function "sched_setscheduler" in tx2 with kernel4.9, but compile failed with orin&kernel5.10

Software Version: Jetson Linux 35.3.1

The driver work well with tx2&kernel4.9.
I got a orin device&kernel5.10, but when compile the driver, got the error message:
ERROR: modpost: “sched_setscheduler” [/mnt/hgfs/share/xxx.ko] undefined!

I check the kernel4.9&kenrel5.1 code, and found that there are some difference in the file “kernel/sched/core.c”,
no EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL with some functions.

can you please give me some method to solve this issue?

thank you.

Are you asking the issue for Jetson AGX Orin platform or DRIVE AGX Orin platform?

I modify the file “kernel/sched/core.c” to add EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL(sched_setscheduler) to test.
Rebuild the kernel image then rebuild the driver, it did work.

So i want to know whether there is another better way which need not to modify the kernel code to solve this issue.


platform is jetson.
driver package is jetson-linux-r3531


looks like this is a change in the upstream Linux kernel, and it’s not something solely in our control.
I checked the latest 6.3.4 kernel, and it’s also the same.
If you can manage to get it work, then it’s fine. Not sure if we can give a better solution.

thanks for the reply.
i had got the method: use function sched_set_fifo to replace the function before.

thanks again.

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