Shceduling real time priority linux thread on AGX ORIN failed

We have a code that set up few threads to be with “realtime prioerity”. This code works well on Xavier AGX, tested with Jetpack 4.5 and 4.51.

The same code fails on “ORIN AGX” 5.0.1 devkit
it also fails on “ORIN AGX” 5.0.2 devkit

The code runs inside a container. Therefore we thought in the beginning that this related to
container privileges. But, then we tested the same code outside the container and got the same problem…

Here is the code

realtime · GitHub
the code failes on pthread_setschedparam

any idea what went wrong? maybe related to the new kernel?

Could you try on Xavier with J5.0.2 to clarify if kernel regression cause the probelm.


Yes we tested it on the Xavier dev kit as well

Same problem

File bug 3794728


It is possible the permitted doesn’t alter real time priority for a process.
In this case, the configuration has to be set from /etc/security/limits.conf file.

domain: should be set to user name
type: both hard and soft
item: rtprio
value: -1

ubuntu hard rtprio -1
ubuntu soft rtprio -1

Please verify after below command.

sudo su
echo -1 > /proc/sys/kernel/sched_rt_runtime_us
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