My very first post is still blocked by the spam system

I registered for this forum 4-5 days ago out of need for help on an issue I am facing with the Direct3D interoperability. I posted a new topic and from what I know there is nothing that would indicate it is spam.

Akismet (the spam system this forum uses) blocked it and 4 days later it is still on hold. It mentions that a staff member will review it soon and it will appear shortly. Now I don’t know what “soon” and “shortly” means but my guess is that it’s not several days. I have searched online and it appears that even 8-9 years ago such problems were “normal”.

What is even worse is that in my profile I cannot see that post anywhere in the Activity section. I spent an hour summarizing the info and formatting it.

Hi @cuda_noob88

I just messaged the text from the post that I found in the logs. Not sure why this was flagged by Akismet. Please repost.

BTW, The problems you read about 8-9 years ago were on a different platform.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Ah, true. It is indeed a different platform.

Anyway thank you for fixing the issue for me. Much appreciated!

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