NANO CSI-2 8 lane configuration


I want to configure CSI 8 line in NANO.
I am referring to the documentation. ( Jetson Nano Product Design Guide)

If I refer to “Figure 8-3. CSI Connection Options” and write the code at dtsi file.

port-index = <0>;
bus-width = <8>;

How is the CSI 8 line structured?

  1. CSI_A + CSI_B + CSI_E + CSI_F
  2. CSI_A + CSI_B + CSI_C + CSI_D

Thank you.

Sorry to tell Jetson device not support 8 lanes configure.

Isn’t that possible in NANO as in TX2’s TC358840?

It’s gang mode AKA combine two source to a frame instead of really 8 lanes configure.
It’s 2 source of 4 lanes configure actually for the tc358840.

Thank you for answer.

If I have more questions,
Looking at the dtsi file(l4t-4.9-t18x-quill/tegra186-quill-p3310-1000-c03-00-base-hdmi2csi.dts at 6509ea9a0677063fac7e7936040cff6c47ddbcaa · InES-HPMM/l4t-4.9-t18x-quill · GitHub) of TS358840 of TX2,

port-index = <0>;
bus-width = <8>;

It is set as above.

Then the CSI configuration seems to consist of the following content:
4 lane (CSI_A+CSI_B), 4 lane (CSI_C+CSI_D)

How is it structured if it is the same in NANO?
NANO is not sequential in the CSI alphabet.

If the contents of TC358840 (gang mode AKA combine?) are configured like TX2, how is it configured in NANO?

  1. 4 lane (CSI_A+CSI_B), 4 lane (CSI_E+CSI_F)
  2. 4 lane (CSI_A+CSI_B), 4 lane (CSI_C+CSI_D)

Thank you for your interest.

Must be 2

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Thank you for answer.