Nano - does the HDMI native port support HDMI alternate mode (USB C)?

Does the Jetson Nano HDMI native port support HDMI alternate mode (USB C)?

I can’t seem to find any info on this.
Not asking about the carrier board, asking about the HDMI port on the module itself.

Any suggestions on where to look to get this answered?

I am just wondering the usecase you want to achieve. The alt mode is usually connect the type C port on the source and to the HDMI port on sink (native).

If you are asking about HDMI port on jetson, this seems make no sense.

Hello Wayne,
Thanks for the reply.

Our customer wants to design a custom carrier board using the Jetson Nano as the HDMI source via a USB C connector to an HDMI sink that has a HDMI port on it.

I am assuming we would route the HDMI signals to a USB C connector per the standard on this to be designed board, correct? If this is an incorrect assumption please clarify. If we are correct, can the HDMI port on the nano support alt mode as is or do we need a special driver? We are coming up to speed on alt mode so we are not experts.


Hi Dave,

I don’t think jetson nano supports ALT mode in software driver. Actually, we have similar design on Xavier AGX board which route the DP signal to type C with the help of a ALT mode switch. It means the solution on Xavier is also based on Hardware solution instead of software.

Thanks Wayne, this is a big help. We will do this.