[Need update][Jetson Orin] How to retrieve frame timestamp during the AV1 decoding process


Sorry to disturb you again, few months ago we asked for retrieving timestamp in decoded AV1 frame on Jetson Orin using the physical decoder. Link to the post. You replied that this issue should be fixed in jetpack 5.1. Link of your response. However, we didn’t see any mention of it in the release note. Is the issue fixed?


Please refer to the commands and try on Jetpack 5.1:

00_video_decode$ ./video_decode AV1 --input-nalu --copy-timestamp 1 25 --stats --disable-rendering /tmp/test.av1
00_video_decode$ ./video_decode AV1 --input-nalu --copy-timestamp 0 30 --stats --disable-rendering /tmp/test.av1

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