New laptop with ubuntu 22.04 - problems with NVIDIA drivers

I am having many troubles with nvidia 510 drivers on a new install with my brand new laptop.

I am able to boot, and when I login everything looks fine
Processing: nvidia-bug-report.log.gz…
e. But after a few seconds, the screen freezes and all I can do is force a powerdown - by pressing the button. The laptop is still working - i can SSH in from a different PC, but the keyboard is not responsive.
What can I check?

The uploaded log seems to be stuck in the content scanner. Please upload it again.

Hello. I solved the issue.

First, I installed Liquorix kernel 5.17 - my laptop has a Alder Lake Intel chipset, that is not completely supported by 5.15 standard ubuntu kernel. And I had to install Liquorix brand because it’s compatible with Nvidia drivers - while mainline is not.
Second, I installed NVIDIA drivers from official site, the .run package (510.73) - the ubuntu standard package is related to 5.15 kernel, too.
Now I have NVIDIA on, three monitors working and - finally - am happy again.