No GUI on Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop with GTX680 and driver 319.23

I tried to install (other drivers as well) 319.23 driver on Ubuntu 12.04, installed also a bunch of GL libraries and made sure libGL, libglut and libglx are in place and loaded properly. libglx actually loads nvidia’s glx. I don’t see any error in dmesg or Xorg.0.log but the expected loading of the libraries. After reboot, the X-Windows Server hang. I always see this message “Warning: Nvidia license taints kernel”, not sure that matters. Drop to terminal from XWindows (or exit to), CUDA sample programs run fine except the ones for MPI as I didn’t install them.

Any body here ever get this working? I’m setting up this up on a HP-Z800 with PCIe2.0 and DDR 3 memory with Ubuntu 12.04. The GTX680 card is made by MSI.

Did you disable module nouveau? Can you please run nvidia-xconfig and then restart lighdm?

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I did both. I even checked Xorg.0.log to make sure it’s not loaded.