No rostopic output for "highLod" Lidar in Omniverse Isaac Sim 2020.1


I have simulated a single scan LiDAR in Isaac Sim 2020.1 and the rostopic /laser_scan outputs the corresponding scan data.
However, when I checked the option ‘highLod’ in ‘Lidar’->‘Details’->‘Other’ tag to simulate a multi-scan LiDAR, the rostopis /laser_scan outputs nothing. Note that the Omniverse Isaac Sim can display the multi-scan results in ‘Viewport’ window.

Is there any solution to retrieve the rostopic ‘/laser_scan’ when ‘highLod’ checked?

Best wishes!
Qin Shi

Currently only 2D is supported when publishing to ROS. The message published sensor_msgs/LaserScan.msg only supports Planar lidar data which is why highLod doesn’t work.

Will there be a future release to support highLod LiDAR for ROS?

We would like to support this and will look into ways we can allow more ROS messages to be used.