Isaac - ROS-bridge plugin error - "High LOD not supported, only 2D Lidar Supported"

I’m trying to get 3D-pointcloud from Isaac Sim to ROS, but it works only with 2D-poindclouds. Enabling “highLod” in lidar settings makes an error in the ROS-bridge plugin.
What could be causing this?

It was a bug on our side that has been fixed for the next release, Sorry about that.

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Got it, thanks. Does this bug exist for ros2bridge plugin? Or maybe you can give me an advise about best fast solution to bring 3d lidar data to ROS/ROS2

Its in both sadly, we have proper 3d PCL point cloud support for both ROS and ROS2 releasing soon. I tried to see if there was a workaround in the current release to make this happen but it was a bug in the logic that needed to be fixed.

Ok, can you tell me approximately how soon will these features be released? We would really like to use them in our project.

the next release will be in mid November.

Thank you