Normal boot pins configuration

Hello dear nvidia team,

I am currently designing a custom carrier board which uses the jetson nano, but unfortunately it seems that the jetson does not boot at all in it.

I’m thinking it comes from my pins configuration at the startup, like POWER_EN should be high level etc… Is there a documentation which sums up what is the required configuration for each system pin to enter a normal boot mode please ? (Like how should I drive shutdown pin, the sleep/wake, etc…)

Thank you for your attention.

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Thank you in advance for any help !

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hello vd1,

you should apply the pinmux configurations since you’re having customize board.
please check Pinmux Changes session to change the pinmux configuration applied by the software.

Hello JerryChang,

I think I don’t need to change the pinmux as I tried to follow the schematics of the carrier board. The thing is I am a bit lost with the pins voltage that should be applied on each system pin to power on the jetson nano. For example, the excel jetson nano pin description shows a 5V CMOS pullup for the sleep/wake* pin :

But in the figure 5-1of the jetson nano product design guide a pullup to 1.8V is shown :
Can you help me on that matter please ?

Also, I realize that my nvidia jetson nano carrier board does not corresponds to the assembly available in the jetson download center :

My carrier board is referenced p3450 on its bottom side, but I can’t find its information in the jetson download center. For example my carrier board does not include the J50 connector shown in the above picture.
Is it possible to access the resources regarding my version of the carrier board please ?

Thank you for your support.

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There is diode to isolate 1.8V from 5V on SLEEP/WAKE as you can see.

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