P3450 carrier board test points

Hello dear nvidia team,

I have a P3450 carrier board like in the following picture :

As I saw in other topics, the sch/pcb files are not available for this carrier board.

I need to check the voltage values of the systems pins on this carrier board, could you please indicate myself if they are available as test points on this carrier board and where ?
Here is a non exhaustive list of the signals I need to check :

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,

We don’t have support on this request as A02 docs are not released. Did you meet any issue?

Oh that is a pity. That would be really helpful on my side to understand the pin logic for booting correctly the jetson nano.

I did not meet an issue with the carrier board, but I am designing my own custom carrier board and unfortunately the jetson nano seems like it is not booting at all, staying in sleep state, and I don’t know why.
I think my design meet the jetson nano power enable requirements.

You should follow the nano docs in DLC (Design Guide, P3449 schematic and etc.) to make design. And the module should be the compatible one to B01 carrier, not the one in your hand now.

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