Not able to install NVIDIA Driver for Quadro K1200


I am trying to install Nvidia Driver for Quadro K1200 Graphic card but it failing.
I taken the steps which i following to install and its log.

I am attaching both with this post.

I am trying to generate Nvidia-bug-report with command then it showing

[root@localhost pathfinder]# sh
sh: No such file or directory

Please help me on this

nvidia-installer.log.log (25.8 KB)

Nvidia Driver instalation Steps.docx (841 KB)

Your kernel is configured for signed kernel module only, but you haven’t a signed nvidia.ko module. That is exactly, what’s written in the logfile. Why you don’t read it yourself?


I seen that but i do not know its resolution since i am very new to centos so need help on that


Furthermore, you should rather use a driver from repo and dkms so you don’t have to reinstall it on every kernel update:
Uninstall the .run installer using the --uninstall option, then use