Not able to load nvidia drivers in dual boot with Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS and Centos 7.3.1611

I have my workstation set up in dual boot mode with Ubuntu 14.04 and CENTOS 7.3.1611. In Ubuntu nvidia drivers are loaded properly and working fine. but I won’t able to load the nvidia driver on Centos 7 and doesn’t boot properly. Showing the error
NVRM : Thr nvidia probe routine was not called for 2 devices.
NVRM: This can occur when a driver nouveau ,rivafb ,nvidiafb or rivafb was loaded and obtained the ownership of NVIDIA devices
NVRM: Try unloading the conflicting kernel module (and /or reconfigure your kernel without conflicting the driver try loading the nvidia kernel module again
NVRM: No NVIDIA graphics adapter probed!
nvidia-nvlink : unregistered the Nvlink Core major device number 244

You’ll need to follow the instructions in the install guide carefully. It’s possible, for example, that you haven’t removed the nouveau driver in the CentOS case.