Nsight 2019.1 Scrubber

I am using Nsight in two machine remote setup and am having trouble with the events scrubber in Nsight. When trying to select an event (action) in the scrubber in VS on the host machine, the state of the program does not change. The visuals on the target remain the same, as well as the state of the API Inspector window on the host. I have to physically go to the target machine and mouse select an event on the timeline at the bottom of the render window. Even then, only the visuals change. The API Inspector does not sync. I previously used Nsight 5.0 and didn’t encounter this problem. Is there a new setting or option that I missed selecting?

Will Swilling

Edit: change 6.0 to 5.0

I am using it on a single machine and the scrubber breaks after the first run: It stops changing the state of the API inspector and I basically can’t do anything since I can’t select the system calls. To fix it I have to restart visual studio, and it will work for a single debugging run and then will break again on consecutive runs. I am debugging a standard Vulkan application.

I did not have this issue in any previous release of Visual Studio but it only started happening in the 2019 release.

I have the same issue as @Hassan Basil stated, the Scrubber selector in Nsight 2019.1 only works at the first launch of the Graphics Debugging feature. And since the second launch, it will not move in the Scrubber’s GUI unless I restart Visual Studio. It happens with OpenGL/DX11/DX12/Vulkan, regardless of which graphics API was chosen.

Do you still have the same issue with