Unresponsive VS2019 integrated UI after updates to windows/vs/nsight

My target application will launch and display the over-app GUI/HUD (ctrl+z / space window), but all of the integrated windows available through the Visual Studio Extensions menu are empty and do not update, IE: Scrubber, Current Target, API Inspector Window. Resizing them results in garbage draw.

I am using the latest build of VS 2019: 16.2.4 as well as the latest version of NSight: 2019.3.0.19222.

I have the exact same problem. Any news on this?


Thank you for your feedback on the Nsight Visual Studio Edition tool. We believe this issue has been fixed in the latest version of Nsight Graphics, which is a stand alone version of the Nexus graphics debugger functionality. Would it be possible for you to use the Nsight Graphics standalone tool to determine if you still see this issue?

You can obtain the latest Nsight Graphics release at the following location https://developer.nvidia.com/nsight-graphics.


Hey Darrell,
Happy to give it a shot. I’ve downloaded and installed the latest build of the stand alone application, Nsight Graphics v2019.5.0.19240.

Unfortunately my personal project causes an error during connection/launch. I suspected the current state of my code was causing this( I’ve got some validation layer errors ). So, I loaded up one of Sascha Willem’s example projects( PBRBasic ). I first tried Sascha’s example project in Visual Studio to confirm that the the same results were produced. They were, the over-app GUI displays, however, the VS integrated windows do not update during frame capture.

I then tried Sascha’s example project in the standalone version of NSight. I was able to launch and attach the example project. All of the appropriate information was being displayed when the frame was captured.

Hope that helps,


Sorry to hear that your personal project causes an error during connection/launch. Please have a look at the following section of the Nsight Graphics User Guide that will give you instructions on how to debug your application with the debugger. This section of the guide will also provide you a subsection on "Common Problems that might help as well.

See https://docs.nvidia.com/nsight-graphics/UserGuide/index.html#troubleshooting_debugging_your_application_with_a_debugger.

Please let us know if this helps.




No, none of that helped. I think either you or I are misunderstanding each other. I do not need help debugging my own application. Perhaps you did not read my entire post.

I supplied Sascha Willem’s ( https://github.com/SaschaWillems/Vulkan ) PBRBasic example project as a base line comparison for what I thought was helping you debug an issue by trying to reproduce the same issue within the standalone version. What I found was that - while using Sascha’s project - the same issue is produced within the Visual Studio version but is not present in the Standalone version.


Thank you for additional feedback. I understand that Nsight VSE has a bug. However, there is not enough time to get a fix into the next version of Nsight VSE. Therefore, your fastest path forward will be with using the Nsight Graphics standalone version.

Also note, as footnoted in the “Integrated Graphics” section of the NsightVSE Features page
and “Deprecation Notices”
mention that In an upcoming release, the integrated Graphics Debugging functionality will be removed and replaced by the ability to launch Nsight Graphics.

If there is anything further on using the Nsight Graphics standalone version then please let us know.



I have the exact same problem and I cannot use the standalone NSight as it apparently doesn’t support debugging shaders.

Any updates on this problem?

Visual Studio Professional 2019 16.4.3
NVIDIA Nsight Visual Studio Edition - Version 2019.4.1.19317

Can you say more about what you mean in reference to “doesn’t support debugging shaders”?

This has been a problem for many, many months now. People have reported it, and there has been no progress. Very frustrating.

NSight Visual Studio continues to not draw its windows in the UI. The top “Scrubber” pane is empty / shows through to whatever editor window you had open before debugging.

The bottom tab-panel will show editor windows for whatever files you tab to, but the actual NSight tabs such as Geometry or API Inspector are not drawn / simply show whatever editor window you last tabbed to.

This has happened exactly the same way to me on every version of NSight Visual Studio Edition, on every machine (tried laptop & desktop) with the latest windows updates, latest versions of Visual Studio 2019, etc.

This cannot be that hard to reproduce. Please address this issue.

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I am seeing similar issues. All the Nsight windows render as blank frames after pausing for live analysis. It’s completely broken.

Yeah how is this a problem??? Wasn’t version 2019.4 just realized and it still has this problem. I was excited to use this, but I guess my dreams will never be :c

Hi all,

First off, sorry for the confusion and frustration regarding these concerns. I wanted to jump in to provide some clarification on what seems like a few different issues being reported.

  1. Display issues and freezing within Visual Studio – Yes, this is a known, long-term issue. We build Nsight with the Qt toolkit, but there are some limitations where sometimes 3d-accelerated views will cause qt to become non-responsive when used within the ActiveQt framework that was used to plug in to Visual Studio. Resizing windows is a sometimes workaround, but I understand that this is a frustrating problem and doesn’t always work. For what it’s worth, the team did try many, many things to solve this issue but it seemed to be a fundamental issue. This is one of the principle reasons that we moved over to standalone tools, in that the native tools offered more control, more development speed, 64-bit processes, etc. With all that being said, I want to note that, in case anyone was not aware, graphics debugging within Visual Studio has been deprecated and will be fully removed in the not so distant future. Accordingly, we strongly encourage everyone to move over to Nsight Graphics and report any issues they encounter there.

  2. Shader debugging – this is very much something that the Nsight team would like to do, but there are several complications to getting that to happen. The most I can say is that this is not on the short or medium term roadmap.

  3. Problems when running Nsight Graphics – mm6421 reported one, for example. Darrell suggested some debugging steps not to workaround the Nsight VSE issue, which I tried to address above, but to offer a path to getting the standalone tools to work. If you do encounter an issue, please report it, and if the problem is not apparent, try the troubleshooting steps to help us get the problem fixed.

I hope that this offers a little more detail. Again, sorry for the frustration that you all have encountered with respect to these issues. While I know that Nsight Graphics can’t address every concern, e.g. shader debugging, I hope it can help solve some degree of your concerns.