Nsight 3.0, not compatible with my directx debug runtime.

When I start nsight it says that it isn’t compatible with my debug runtime. If i try to press anything or capture a frame it crashes.

I’m using VS2010 and the old DirectX SDK(Jun 2010). Any ideas what the problem could be?

I also have the new DirectX 11.1 one installed but my application doesn’t link to it(mostly because I’m to lazy to port all the code).

The June 2010 SDK should work fine. Would you mind copying the error message you see?

Screenshot: http://img694.imageshack.us/img694/9661/d3ddebugruntimeerrormes.jpg

Hi Feroza,

The message is correct, Nsight does not support the DX debug runtime. Are you in need of running with the DX debug runtime?

However, it shouldn’t be crashing though. If there is any way to get your application, we can look into fixing the crash.


I’m sorry but I’m not allowed to distribute the application and I’m using a thid party API for the directX creation so I doesn’t have full control over what runtime that get executed.

So guess I will talk to the API developers.

Thanks anyway.