nsight 3.2 connection error

Hi guys,

I was developing my own app and suddenly nsight debugger has been crashed. My kernel is quite complicated; so I tried to debug cuda samples. In most of the cases I cannot debug matrixMul from cuda 5.5 samples or sometimes (I have no idea why, approximately in every 10th running) it works.

When I start an app nsight is connected then after one or two cuda module loads I get the following nsight message:
“Error: Connectiontothe Nsight monitor was terminated abnormally. Please check the connection with the remote machine.”

I’m trying to debug on my own machine. (I have tried without internet connection.) Nsight connection name is set to “localhost” but I have already tried with the computer name.
System info: windows 8.1 (64 bit), visual studio 2012, cuda 5.5, nsight 3.2; geforce 640(dsiplay), geforce 690



This sounds like the Nsight Monitor is exiting. Whenever you try the matrixMul (from CUDA 5.5 Samples), do you see the exact same issue?

Reproduce the issue one more time and PM me the file “Nsight.log” from: %appdata%\NVIDIA Corporation\Nsight\Monitor\1.0\Logs\

BTW, I recommend upgrading to the latest Nsight 4.0 build that is available as we might’ve fixed issues along the way that could’ve fixed this problem.