Nsight 4.0 no CUDA Project Template?

i installed Nsight 4.0 but i cant find a project template for CUDA applications. Is there no template?

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The templates come from CUDA toolkit installation. You would need to install the CUDA toolkit.

I’ve installed CUDA 6 Toolkit 64Bit, but setup told me that i have no supported Visual Studio installed. After installation there is no template anyway. I already read that CUDA 6.0 does only support VS2012, while Nsight 4 brings compatibility for VS2013. I also reinstalled VS2013 and then installed CUDA 6.0 but there are still no template, any ideas - i would really appreciate any further hint.

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On your original post, the Visual Studio version wasn’t mentioned. Yes, CUDA 6.0 doesn’t support VS 2013, so therefore you will not get templates for it. You will need to wait for the next release for that. However, you can easily take any of the samples and use that, however, you will still need to have pre VS 2013 to compile any CUDA code (because the CUDA toolkit doesn’t support the VS 2013 compiler).
A workaround could be to install VS 2012 express edition…

Thanks for your post. So i will install VS2012. I hope the VS2013 support will come soon. Also, Microsoft already released VS2014 CTP, maybe Nvidia could start developing CUDA/Nsight for this, so that we can have CUDA/Nsight for VS 2014 when it goes RTM :).