Nsight crashing when loading Aftermath dump?

Hi, I’m attempting to track down an elusive GPU hang and was super excited to see that 2020.1 was released. I’ve got it hooked up and it appears to be writing the GPU dump on crash, but if I try to open it then Nsight crashes. Is there any way to figure out what’s going on with that? I’m using GFSDK_Aftermath_FeatureFlags_Maximum to initialize Aftermath, I’m going to try using a smaller subset of flags to see if that’s the issue.

Interestingly, if I use the crash detector utility that runs in the system tray then the crash dump works fine. I was hoping for better instrumentation through in-game integration, though.

Thank you for reporting your issue. I’m checking with the engineering team to help provide you with a recommendation on resolving this issue.


From discussing with the engineer we think if the system tray monitor outputs a working dump but the SDK does not, it might be an app integration problem. Can you say more about what your code does in the crash dump callback function?