Nsight 3.1 on Win 7 x64 crashes when cuda breakpoint is hit

I have an application that is using OpenGL and cuda interop where a cuda kernel generates the contents of a VBO. I have a debug build of the application, with the cuda build debug flags included, that when run with nSight 3.1 will crash the computer. The crash is not only a driver crash that the OS recovers from. The screen, and all input hangs indefinitely, and the machine has to be manually rebooted. The application will run without crashing as long as a cuda breakpoint is not hit.

Possibly relevant details:
Windows 7 (x64)
Nsight 3.1 (x64)
Built with Cuda toolkit 5.0
64-bit C++ and OpenGL application
Visual Studio 2010 (SP1) - with all recent hotfixes
Graphics driver: 332.21
Graphics card: GeForce GTX 780


That’s not good. Where (in the cuda code) was the breakpoint set?
Would you be able to upgrade Nsight to the latest version (3.2.2)?

Lastly, is there any chance I can get some sort of reproducible to see it in house and try to help narrow down the problem and/or fix it on our end?


The breakpoint was set at the first variable declaration in the kernel method. I’ve been able to reproduce this with the matrixMul project provided in the cuda samples. I have some additional information, when I swapped the graphics card (GTX 780) with a GTX 680 the problems go away, similarly with a GTX TITAN. I am currently working on getting another 780 card to test. Maybe there is some hardware problem on the card?


Could you try the latest version of Nsight that is available? 3.1 is a bit out of date now.

Still happens with Nsight 3.2.2. I’ll update again when I have another GTX 780 card to test.