Nsight Graphics 2021.1 and debugging opengl shader

Hi, I saw this very good video from the team about debugging opengl using the visual studio version.

I am using the standalone version and can connect to my software. I can capture for live analysis and it shows all the data like in the video.
But when I want to actually debug my shader and look in the Program tab, the source column shows a “-” instead of the link to the source.
I can open the shader source in FS tab using the name link, but I cannot set any breakpoints.
Now to my question: can Nsight Graphics set breakpoints, or is this only possible in the visual studio version?
P.s. I have a GTX 2080Ti on Windows 10.

Fount the answer to my question: shader debug window can not open
Basically, shader debugging (previously only supported on Kepler GPUs and for D3D11 and Open GL (4.2-4.5)) has been removed as of version 2019.1, but they are working on reintroducign it for modern GPUs.

Thank you for using Nsight Graphics and I’m sorry you ran into this issue. You are correct that Shader debugging is not supported at this time. It may be something we will consider in the long term.

Thanks dwoods, I am very curious as why debugging is no longer supported. It was supported several years ago. Is this related to changes in the GPU architecture or API, or just not enough demand in the industry? Debugging shaders should save the industry annually several hundred man years.

We removed shader debugging the standalone version of Nsight Graphics because the implementation in question couldn’t be supported at that time. We know that shader debugging would serve a key need for many developers and so it is something we regularly evaluate relative to our full priorities and hope to deliver in the future.