Nsight system for DriveSoftware 10 & DriveOS 5.2.x

According to NVIDIA Nsight Systems | NVIDIA Developer, there are 3 tabs under Platforms section:

  • “Linux Workstations and Servers” supports up to Nsight system 2021.4
  • Same for “Windows Workstations and Gaming PCs” to Nsight system 2021.4
  • “Jetson and Drive Autonomous Machines” only supports Nsight system 2019.4

So, DriveAGX can only use Nsight system up to 2019.4, but not the latest 2021.4 (also not for versions between 2019.4 and 2021.4), is it right?

Every release has its own verified Nsight Systems version (documented in release notes).
Which is also the one installed along with the SDK.
Below are the release notes of these releases:

There are new features in the latest Nsight 2021.x, like GPU metrics, tensor activities and so on, which are not included in the default Nsight comes along together with SDK manager installation for DriveSoftware 10 and DriveOS 5.2.x. According to https://developer.nvidia.com/nsight-systems:

Is it possible to use the latest Nsight 2021.x for DriveAGX at all? If yes, could NV please advise how to use it?
Or 2019.4 is actually the latest version of Nsight for DriveAGX?

Please refer to below information in DRIVE OS 5.2.6 Release Notes (PDF).
2021.1.3.12 is installed with DRIVE OS 5.2.6 by SDK Manager.
If your questions are specific to DRIVE, please refer to NVIDIA DRIVE Documentation | NVIDIA Developer. Thanks.


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