Nucleus Deltas of non USD?

I’m working through some use-cases and wondering if there is a list of the file types Nucleus can delta?

Is it limited to USD or is there a GIT-like framework that exists behind the scenes that is able to dif other text-based formats?

Currently diff is for live workflows, fast deltas of USD data. We are currently working on Versioning in Nucleus where we can extend the diff \ merge tools for other data types in the future.

Great. There are a lot of data sets that go along with these models in AEC that would rely benefit from being able to version it next to the USD. It would be great if a “branch” concept made its way in so a USD stage with an option in it could have these other datasets alongside. Tweeked MDLs etc.

USD Layers works great for this, so you can have the original exports but opinions layered on top, like materials, lighting, etc,