NUMA support in Jetson Nano

Hello! Is NUMA supported by Jetson Nano? If yes, how to enable NUMA in Jetson Nano kernel? You can install “sudo apt install numactl”, but “numactl --hardware” shows “No NUMA support available on this system.”

I could be wrong, but I don’t think any of the Jetsons use a NUMA architecture. Someone else would need to confirm (I am just guessing), but it seems Jetsons all have but a single memory controller processor, and that no memory is more accessible than another for a given core.

Thanks linuxdev for quick information. Same as his comment, this is not supported in default release.

Hi, How to get access to alpha/beta releases of JetPack 5.0 with NUMA support?

NUMA support depends on hardware. The silicon itself is non-NUMA, so there is no possibility of any software ever working with NUMA. You’d have to use a different architecture (different hardware with a different design).

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