Nvcsi Rx and Csi-2 Tx compatibility check

Hi All,

NVCSI spec:

  • Supports both D-PHY, v1.2 and C-PHY, v1.0
  • MIPI CSI-2, v1.3, protocol stack

Our CSI-2 Tx Spec:

  • D-PHY Specification, version 1.1
  • MIPI CSI-2 standard, v1.1

Whether both are compatible or not? Any extra configuration is required between these devices?


Suppose it’s backward compatible.

Need to confirm the compatible.

What are the points, we need to check for this.


In link, http://image-sensors-world.blogspot.com/2014/09/mipi-alliance-officially-releases-c-phy.html

It is given as:

The updated MIPI D-PHY specification, v1.2, introduces lane-based data skew control in the receiver to achieve a peak transmission rate of 2.5 Gbps/lane or 10 Gbps over 4 lanes, compared to the v1.1 peak transmission rate of 1.5 Gbps/lane or 6 Gbps over 4 lanes.

It is mentioned that data rate is varying between two versions. So need to confirm the compatible between
two ends.

Please ask Nvcsi team regarding this.


I believe that tell the max support for V1.2 is 2.5G and also support the speed below 2.5G