Nvh265enc gstreamer plugin with RTX A4500 or A5000


I am using the nvh265enc Gstreamer plugin on a host with a Quadro P2000 GPU.
Now I would like to use the same plugin on a host with RTX family GPU (A4500 and A5000 in particular), however, it does not seem to be available.
We have “GStreamer Plugin Bad” installed.

Is the issue that this plugin is not implemented for RTX cards?


Hi patrickogf,

How did you determine that it is not available on the RTX A4500 or 5000? As far as sources go the plugin is still part of the GStreamer github.

GStreamer ans especially the “bad” plugins are not maintained by NVIDIA, so there is limited infomration from our side if or how one of them are supposed to work.