NVIDIA 3060 ti FE fan not stopping even after 1 hour of exiting game

Fan speed is zero rpm while computer is used for browsing and word editing activity. Usually, during gaming, Fan spins because of temperature increase and usually slows down after 10-15 mins of exiting game.

But now even after 1 hour of exiting game , though the temparature is 40 degree celsius. Fan continues to spin at 1000 rpm, which is weird.

Hi @kadirkaushik, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

I am afraid that there might be dozens of reasons why GPU fans would run even in idle. From Fan control software running in the background (Maybe MSI Afterburner? iCUE?), over BIOS changes after an update, driver updates, Operating system settings to simply dust in the Desktop case. The reported temperature is not the only signal used to determine Fan speed. Memory temperature plays a role as do additional internal temperature sensors that the usual SW does not have access to.

To list and discuss all of those I recommend the GeForce forums where you might find other end-users with similar issues who can suggest ways to address them.

Best of luck!

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