Nvidia 325.15 (and previous) X drivers permanently blacken TTY terminals on MBP 5,2 with EFI boot

related bug: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/571306/linux/-304-88-no-tty-when-starting-x/

I believe this is related to the peculiar dual (nvidia) card setup of the MBP circa 2010. I have a 9400m and a 9600m, meant for “power-saving mode” and “performance mode” on Mac OS X.

I’m not sure how testing works with your developers, but I could test binaries / whatever on my hardware.

Not sure how to make an attachment in the Create Topic form…

Here’s bug-report in the meanwhile: http://ge.tt/2qDR0Fo/v/0

You create an attachment after creating a topic. ;-)

I see the attachment button now, but it doesn’t seem to upload my file. There’s a link in post one in the meantime.