Is it true that Nvidia does not support efi mode with the Nvidia 320m? Well I’m very disappointed and looking for a way to file a complaint or a bug depending on where this should be filed.

The issue I’m having is I log into X, before this everything appears to work great and fine, but once I log into X tty crashes, everything in X works great but when I log out of X or try and change to a virtual console I face only a blackscreen… I can change back to tty7 which is what X is running on and all works great, or I Can log back into X and it works… but once X has been run into, one has to reboot to get tty working again.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (82 KB)

On a side note, I’ve been holding off getting a new computer originally because I was waiting for Apple to release a new Macbook with Nvidia card in it, but have since chanced my mind about getting a Macbook again but now I"m thinking its time to settle for a card that has better support for Linux… I’ve been a big Nvidia fan for a while but this is horrible.

NVIDIA GPU GeForce 320M (C89) and MCP89 is very old gpu and chipset. Is the reproduce with fermi,kepler or maxwell gpu ?