NVIDIA Ampere A16 - best setup


the customer bought a new server Dell r750 with an NVIDIA Ampere A16 card.
I have a question about the best setup configuration to get the best possible performance on this server which will be used on AutoCAD software.
The OS will be Windows Sever 2022.
Have someone some document with best practice configurations on this implementation?
I would be grateful if someone share me link with drivers(and app to configuration?) to this card on Windows Server 2022.

@drClayss Did you get this set up and configured?

@akarxb no, I didn’t get. Do you have it?

@drClayss We set up a Dell PowerEdge R7525 with GPU passthrough and it’s really buggy and looks to have multiple issues with the Dell firmware. Where are you at with the build?

@akarxb I am waiting for the customer to set the implementation date. Are you a Dell integrator or do you have contact with a Dell PM who sold it to you? Are you working with someone from Dell on these issues?

@drClayss They have now acknowledged that there is an issue with the configuration (after 4 months) and has been escalated to the engineering and applications teams.