Nvidia driver not work properly on external monitor

Hi everyone, I know that this maybe is not the best place to write about this issue. but I hope that some beautiful soul could help me here :D.

I bought a dell G15 5515 RTX 3060 recently and I’m having some troubles with nvidia drivers. I searched for a solution all over the internet but unfortunately I could not find a solution for my case. I have a 27" dell monitor. And when I plug the external monitor in the notebook and set it as a default the screen of the external monitor turn some particular apps very lagging.

like (brave, spotify, steam, google chrome, vscode). seems like all this apps is chromium based.

I tried to install the latest nvidia driver from the official site. but after the installation the only screen that works is the external monitor. the screen of the notebook just turn black.

I tested this case in others OS too (ubuntu, manjaro, mint) and the problem is the same.

follow my configurations

OS: popsOS 22.04 LTS

notebook: dell G15 5515 RTX 3060 mobile AMD Ryzen 7 5000 series

external monitor: dell 27" P2719H

HDMI cable: 2.0

NVIDIA drive: nvidia-driver-515, installed with the OS

Please uninstall the runfile driver by running it again with --uninstall option. Afterwards, please delete /etc/X11/xorg.conf and install the driver from repo, e.g. on Ubuntu using the Software&Updates application.