Nvidia Geforce MX150 GPU CUDA Installation fails.

I tried installing different version of CUDA from 8.0 to the latest 9.2 versions on Geforce MX150 gpu. The installer reaches till the page where it shows extracting package for installing and after about 4-5 mins it shows that the installation failed.

Geforce Experience, PhysX system software and nvidia drivers are already installed and are in the latest versions.
Also tried after installing Visual Studio.

Please reply if anyone found a solution or installed CUDA on a MX150 GPU.

Hi, I have the same problem. I have MX150 in my new Lenovo T series laptop. I only tried CUDA 10 BTW

if you try CUDA 9.2 it will work. I just tried.

Does Keras with tensorflow backend work with CUDA 9.2? I tried only 9.0 version because of this instruction: https://github.com/rohit-patel/Install_Instructions-Win10-Deeplearning-Keras-Tensorflow