Nvidia-powerd need to discard any error when not on any relevant hw

There are several end-users reports for linux forums that need to know how to deal with nvidia-powerd reporting an error when their hardware is not relevant.

(this issue is not specific to fedora as I expect)

My understanding is that nvidia-powerd (and systemd integration scripts when relevant) need to be installed by default as we don’t expect end-users to discover which sub-package they really need for for a specific set of hardware.

This “distro preference” leads end-users wanting to clear some unbearable error on their system to either:

  • remove the relevant sub-package that container nvidia-powerd and scripts
  • disable the systemd units.

I would suggest to have a mean to have a nvidia-powerd --driver-match option (or any equivalent option from /proc) to be use in order to discover if the relevant condition are met in order to use the nvidia-powerd systemd unit and gracefully exit if not relevant( with ConditionPathExists=/proc/driver/nvidia/powerd systemd unit condition or else).

Thanks for taking into consideration as this lead to a high number of errors.