NVIDIA QUADRO M4000 vGPU - ESXI 6.0.3 - GPU Passthrough


I’m trying to do a GPU passthrough to a vm (2008 64bit r2) ESXI 6.0.3. After the GPU passthrough and installing the NVidia drivers. I have disabled the VMWARE SVGA. Now in the device manager it shows only the Quadro M4000 enabled with the VMWARE Svga disable. My console view, and vnc is working fine. But I don’t have any output on the back of the display ports. The display ports show me black.

To do this I did the following:

I did a GPU passthrough on the ESXI. THen installed the VM. passed VM the PCI card. Then installed the drivers in the VM. Connected a screen to port 1 and ran the Nvidia Control panel. From the control panel in the System Topology I exported the EDID. Then loaded the edid of the connected port. It showed me the TV icon on the connected port in the GUI. Then I made the External screen as my main display. Disabled the VMWARE SVGA. After this I restarted the VM. MY VM console screen is working, VNC is working fine and in the device manager I can see VMWARE Svga to be disabled with Nvidia card enabled. Now if I put a screen on the display ports it shows me black.

Is this normal. Is the GPU passthrough done properly.

I’m not sure what you’re going to achieve. You want to use GPU Passthrough for a VM but in addition you want to use the physical display head of the Quadro board?



We want to achieve a GPU passthrough. I have done a GPU passthrough on both Windows 2012 and Windows 2008 on different hosts. It works properly for Windows 2012 but doesn’t work with Windows 2008 we verified it using Nvidia-smi.

We are using driver version: on both VMs. The card is Nvidia Quadro M4000.

Please advise.