NVIDIA-RIVA tutorial issue

I am using below tutorial to test the RIVA application on ubuntu-20.04.6

Everthing is working fine as per the steps mentioned. Now when I try to run the scripts, I am getting below errors in the screenshots. Could you help me out to resolve it? Also I wanted to test the sample audio with file or mic into text. Will this tutorial be enough to test it? or do I need more configuration?

Thanks & Regards
Deepanshu Pandey

Hi ! Anyone there? I am stuck with my issue. I’d like to request to see this issues

Hi @deepanshu.pandey

Thanks for your interest in Riva

Can you Confirm you have Nvidia Container ToolKit Installed in your Machine


Yes I did that and I also got the below error while doing Configuring CRI-O. I have followed various forum topics but not able to do that.