NVIDIA T550 vulkan issues with >530.41.03

hello, i hope this is the right spot to report issues. i have a ThinkPad P14s Gen 3 with hybrid graphics Intel ADL GT2/NVIDIA TU117GLM [T550 Laptop GPU] which i utilize via prime-run when i do occasional gaming.
With every driver >530.41.03 the CS:GO runs with 1FPS even in the menu i get FPS, which makes gaming impossible. when i downgrade back to 530.41.03 the game runs smooth again without further issues.
I’d like to mention that i run CS_GO with vulkan. these are my launch options:
“mangohud %command% -high -fullscreen -vulkan -nojoy -novid -exec autoexec.cfg”

I’m on Arch Linux Gnome/Wayland up-to-date, current Linux Kernel 6.4.9-arch1-1 x86_64, but here’s the Steam System Information and Runtime Info, i believe that covers my system including environment variables, i do have a full system journal where i attempted to play CS:GO on NVIDIA 535.98, which i can sgare upon request. btw: these are the packages that i updated/downgraded:
(just for the record nvidia-dkms doesn’t compile on linux >6.4.2, i had to patch it)

uploaded the info to 0x0.st because of forum limitation (no javascript needed)

i hope someone can make a sense out of it and tell me if this is a system config issue (530.41.03 and prior running well) or driver issue. i’ll happily provide more information if needed,

thanks in advance