NVIDIA Teaching Kits

Hi, We are currently reviewing our teaching of AI & Robotics and need to put forward a case for using the Jetson. These teaching kits would improve our case but the application is still pending and our deadline is looming. Could you confirm either way if we have been approved please?

Hello - we just did another round of reviews so you should see your results, thank you!

You’ll also want to check out the resources here including the Jetson AI Ambassador Program: Jetson for AI Education | NVIDIA Developer

I would like to thank Nvidia DLI for providing me the kit.

Good day, jbungo. I had requested the teaching kits, but it is still pending. Can you grant access to my account?
Thanks in advance.

I received an email to invite me join NVIDIA DLI workspace on Bitbucket. However, the invitation has expired. Where can I get a new link?


Hi Amber - please email directly using your Bitbucket email address at jbungo@nvidia.com.


Is there another option for teaching assistant or advisor to sign off of the teaching kits?

TAs are eligible, although instructors/professors are preferred to get access to Teaching Kits.

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