Nvidia tegra drivers for interlaced video decoder / sensors (ISL79987)

Hi all,

We’re using the ISL79987 with Jetson AGX Orin, the ISL79987 chip has a 480i output, we’re having some questions related to nvidia tegra drivers :

  1. Why in channel.c the size of allocated buffer is dubbed when the used mode is interlaced ?
	/* Double the size of allocated buffer for interlaced sensor modes */
	if (chan->is_interlaced)
		chan->format.sizeimage *= 2;
  1. Is there anything to update in nvidia tegra drivers if we’re using an interlaced scan sensor despite of progressive ?

  2. In case the sensor has interlaced scan do we have to set the is_interlaced boolean at true as the following ?

	chan->is_interlaced = 1;
	chan->interlace_type = Top_Bottom;


this looks like duplicated, let’s using Topic 241842 for tracking.

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